Rapid Mashup Challenge

What’s the most complex, expressive and elegantly constructed mashup you can build in 10 minutes with your own tool, platform or approach?

Compete » 23 June 2015, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


Every tool slot will have 25 minutes, structured to include:

  1. a short presentation about the tool (10 minutes)
  2. live demo of the mashup construction using the tool (max. 10 minutes)
  3. jury evaluation (5 minutes)

Session 1

Extended Techniques for Flexible Modeling and Execution of Data Mashups
Pascal Hirmer and Bernhard Mitschang
14:40-15:05UI-Oriented Computing
Interactive, Live Mashup Development through UI-Oriented Computing
Anis Nouri and Florian Daniel
Extending Web Applications to Multi-Screen Mashups
Michael Krug, Fabian Wiedemann and Martin Gaedke

Session 2

A platform for the End-User Development of Interactive Workspaces for Data Exploration
Giuseppe Desolda, Carmelo Ardito and Maristella Matera
Empowering Users to Mod Websites
Oscar Diaz, Iñigo Aldalur, Cristobal Arellano, Haritz Medina and Sergio Firmenich
Mashup Development with Web Liquid Streams
Masiar Babazadeh, Andrea Gallidabino and Cesare Pautasso